Chicago, IL

how to be a tourist in chicago

Visit the Bean Take lots of pictures of, with, around, under, etc. of said Bean Or more accurately, Cloud Gate, which is what it’s actually called. This sculpture lives in Millennium Park and gives you an interesting reflection of Chicago. It’s 33 feet high, 66 feet long, 42 feet wide, and weighs 100 tons. There’s… Read more “how to be a tourist in chicago”

the road to chicago

New year. New me. New blog posts. Not much has changed in the last four months, since I last posted (sorry, I’ve been slacking). Except that I now have a new job at American Express (no, I cannot hook you up with a Centurion card), and that I took a road trip to Pittsburgh, Cleveland,… Read more “the road to chicago”

more touristy chicago things

1. The Magnificent Mile – Chicago’s largest shopping district – 13 blocks to be exact. It’s almost like the Fifth Avenue of New York City, except the Mag Mile has got some more affordable stores peppered in here and there. For more info on the shops/restaurants they feature, check out their site. 2. Second City… Read more “more touristy chicago things”

what it’s like to almost ride your tandem bike into the chicago river

It’s pretty scary. It’s sheer panic. That moment when your life flashes before your eyes. It’s the same moment you lose control of your tandem bike and you think you’re about to ride it into the unsightly green, murky waters of the Chicago river. A thousand thoughts are running through your mind but you just… Read more “what it’s like to almost ride your tandem bike into the chicago river”

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