Oahu, HI

snorkeling at hanauma bay

Since my sister, brother-in-law and niece live on Oahu, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the island numerous times (and with free lodging)! I’ve been to Hanauma Bay a few times and didn’t realize until now that I had never blogged about it before. But this time was extra special to me because it was … Continue reading snorkeling at hanauma bay

swimming with dolphins

Imagine yourself floating around in the warm, serene Hawaiian waters, basking in the sun. Friendly and playful bottlenose dolphins are swimming all around you. Well, swimming with dolphins is nothing like this. Although that was the picture I had in my head (I can probably thank Flipper for that), it wasn’t what I expected at … Continue reading swimming with dolphins

how to beach in oahu

(originally published November 3, 2016) Whenever I visit my sister in Hawaii, we tend to go to the same couple of beaches. On this seventh visit, I’m glad finally add a new one to the list! Here is how I would rank the beaches from best to worst (but let’s face it – even the … Continue reading how to beach in oahu

a day at lanikai

Lanikai is my sister’s favorite beach and I can see why. It means ‘heavenly seas’, and the name definitely suits it. Soft sand, calm waves, and a great view of the Mokulua Islands. On a few occasions, we’ve combined a hike at the Lanikai Pillboxes and a day at Lanikai Beach for a nice little … Continue reading a day at lanikai

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