Cinque Terre

first stop, manarola!

This is where we started our hike. Our goal was Corniglia, which was 4.5 km (or 2.8 miles) away. The hike wasn’t too bad. But this also might have been because it was our first trail, so we still had the energy. There wasn’t too much to see, except a few tomatoes planted along the… Read more “first stop, manarola!”

lunch in corniglia

Corniglia was our second town and it was also where we stopped for lunch. A lunch that consisted of fresh seafood – quite possibly the best meal I had in Italy. I’d say it was well deserved after hiking and sweating for 4.5km. We didn’t do much else because after lunch, it was time for… Read more “lunch in corniglia”

a beach in vernazza

After lunch in Corniglia, another 4.5 km hike brought us to our third town, Vernazza. Find your way to the cave. Once you go under it, there’s a beach on the other side. It’s not the typical sandy beaches you’re probably used to. Instead, it’s a rocky beach. If you look closely at the rocks,… Read more “a beach in vernazza”

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