how to be a tourist in london

So you’ve admired the Big Ben, rode the London Eye, witnessed the opening/closing of the Tower Bridge, but there is much more to London than just those obvious spots. Here are 16 more things to do in this city:      

st. paul’s cathedral

If you’re religious, you should go check out St. Paul’s Cathedral. If you’re not religious, you should still go check out St. Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures inside. But the good news is you can take as many as you want, outside. I went on a Sunday, so exploring the rest of the… Read more “st. paul’s cathedral”


Westminster always reminds me of that episode of friends where they all go to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding. Joey and Chandler are outside of Westminster Abbey and Joey has to physically step into his map in order to figure out where he is. Luckily, we have Google Maps nowadays so I didn’t need… Read more “westminster”

abbey road

The Beatle’s Abbey Road was released on my birthdate, September 26, many years before I was born. It’s also the last album that the Beatles recorded together before they broke up. It’s also named for the location, where Abbey Road studios is located, which is where they recorded. The album cover is easily recognizable: John… Read more “abbey road”

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