melbourne cheat sheet

The very first thing you should know about Melbourne is how to pronounce Melbourne. Let me guess. You’ve been saying, “Mel-born”. You’re a ‘stupid American’ then. But that’s okay, because I am too! I’ve been pronouncing it that way too because come on. When you look at that word, it only makes sense. The correct… Read more “melbourne cheat sheet”

city sights in melbourne

White Night – it occurs around the summer solstice, where the sun rises early and darkness is never complete. It originated in St. Petersburg, Russia. White Night Festival activities include the arts and performances. Check these out! Streets – are closed off and you’ll find music and street performers in every direction Dancing – colorful… Read more “city sights in melbourne”

where to shop in melbourne

There’s lots of shopping to be done! Queen Victoria Markets – also known as Queen Vic, or the Vic Markets, you will not want to leave this place. It’s actually an extremely dangerous place for your wallet (especially since some stalls accept credit cards)! You will leave, thinking to yourself, ‘What did I just buy? Did I… Read more “where to shop in melbourne”

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