sydney cheat sheet

We’ve all used one in school and if you say you haven’t, then you’re lying! You know, that tiny piece of paper with the impossibly hard to read small font – yet you’ve managed to fit a textbook chapter’s worth of information on there. So I’ve decided to take that concept and apply it here… Read more “sydney cheat sheet”

lunch with a view

I don’t normally write about food places on this blog. Yes, food is a huge part of the whole travel experience but that’s what my Yelp page is for. I like to keep things separate. That, and it’s just too many details for me to keep up with. There is too much information for me… Read more “lunch with a view”

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flying emirates

Emirates is the second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. Usually, when I think of Emirates, I think of luxury. I guess all of their ads have been working on me over the years! I wasn’t lucky enough to fly first class or even business, just economy. But even economy was a very comfortable… Read more “flying emirates”


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