i’m mel. i like music, food, beer, and traveling – preferably some sort of combo of that.

how to be a tourist is a rambling of my travel experiences. my motto is, travel, eat, drink, explore, write, repeat. this blog is not about the backpack, the camera around the neck, or the map in hand. nor is it about the spots that are off the beaten path. it’s more of a happy medium between the two. i write about the popular tourist attractions (even though some of them may be tourist traps sometimes), what to expect from these destinations, what to eat, and random finds. i am by no means a world traveler – just a girl with a huge bucket list.

this blog is a tool to help me remember the places i’ve seen, but it’s also a tool to help you plan out the places you will see. and so that you won’t make the same mistakes i made. think of me as your very own travel guinea pig. so hopefully, you can find at least one useful tip while reading my blog. i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing it for you.

Upcoming trips:

Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Maldives for our honeymoon in November 2021!

Next up on the blog:

July 2021 – Hawaii

July 2021 – San Diego


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