flying singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the top airlines in the world – that is, according to every article you can click on Google. And I don’t disagree. This is one of the best flights (if not the best) I’ve ever been on. I highly recommend you download the app before you fly because you’ll get real time updates, and you can even look at the menu that’s being served on your specific flight, and entertainment options.

On the way from New York City to Singapore (with a layover in Frankfurt), I’ll admit that that flight was a bit rough. But only because the seat configuration is 3-4-3, and I was stuck in the middle of a row of three. There was a good amount of leg room but still, no one likes to sit in the middle. Although it was economy, they still keep you well fed, and hydrated, walking around with trays of water. 

Economy seat trays come with a separate cup holder

On the way home, we flew from Singapore into Newark. It was a nonstop 18 hour flight. 18 hours and 45 minutes to be exact. This is the second longest nonstop flight in the world. The first being SIN to JFK (18 hrs, 50 min). This time, we sat in premium economy, and there was such a huge difference. This cabin has its own bathroom. The seat configuration was 2-4-2 and Ben and I were in one of the two seaters. This is the most leg room I’ve ever had. Even when the person in front of me reclined, I could barely feel a difference. When Ben needed to use the bathroom, he didn’t have to climb over me or wake me up – he was able to just walk right out. 

Look at all this leg room!

In between the seats is where you’ll find the trays, water bottle holders, and extra space to keep items you need during the flight (you know, instead of sitting on top of them and potentially losing them). You also get a premium headset, instead of earbuds. Their entertainment system was great. The touch screen was very responsive, and you get to resume movies from where you left off – even if you exited out of it and started watching something else.

The food was the same as it was in economy but instead of picking from two options, you have a third menu item to choose from. It’s usually a choice between Asian and Western fare. It’s still your typical plane food. Not great but better than nothing. You also get actual cutlery instead of the prepackaged plastic ones.

The time flew by. I slept for most of it even though I can rarely sleep much on planes. It felt like the shortest long haul flight I’ve ever flown. I can only imagine what business/first class on Singapore Airlines would be like. Maybe one day…

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