hiking the easternmost point of o’ahu

Also known as Makapu’u Point, which means ‘bulging eye’. Perhaps because of the lighthouse the point overlooks at the end of the trail? Polar opposite of Ka’ena Point, the trail is located on the same side of the island as Hanauma Bay. We combined these two into one day but I would highly recommend going early for Makapu’u. We got to trail at around 1:30 and nobody was around. We soon found out it was because it was the hottest time of the day, coupled with the fact there there is no shade on the trail, which did not make a good combo. The hike itself isn’t bad since it’s a paved trail. You are just going on an incline straight up, and you’ll reach the top in about half an hour. The parking situation wasn’t bad but I think it was because no one wants to go at that time.

Bottom line – go early (or at least go when it’s cloudy), wear sneakers, bring plenty of water, and you should be fine!

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