6 things i learned in the 3 days i spent in montreal

  1. It is a 6-hour drive from NYC to Montreal.
  2. Weather in August (temperature-wise) is pretty much similar as Augusts in NYC but less muggy/humid
  3. Banque Scotia is partners with Bank of America, so you should be able to waive the ATM fees should you need to withdraw money
  4. When you drive back to the US, you can use your Nexus card, which is the driving across the border version of Global Entry. They have special Nexus lanes where you can skip the line but you need to have the actual card on you

    Drive to Montreal 9
    This was actually on the way into Canada, but you get the idea
  5. Marijuana is legal in Canada but just like in the United States, each province has its own set of rules and regulations

    iPhone Aug 2019 345
    SQDC – Société Québécoise du Cannabis
  6. Montreal is located in Quebec, and the official language of Quebec is French. That is not to say people don’t speak English there (we didn’t run into anyone who didn’t), but you will see a lot of things written in both languages. In Old Montreal, the street signs are in French

    Old Montreal 7
    I spy with my little eye – a French stop sign, and Ben!

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