playa del carmen 2019

My very first visit to Mexico was actually because I had the opportunity to attend the bachelorette party of my very good friend, Mabel. She had picked Mexico as her destination, and the rest of us Bridesmaids went to work in search of an all inclusive, as well as some activities the bride would enjoy. We landed on Playa del Carmen, which is about a 40 minute taxi (book this ahead online) from Cancun Airport.

JFK to CUN 4
Ran into Hudson Yang (aka Eddie Huang from Fresh off the Boat at JFK airport)
Grand Princess RIvera 1
The Bride to Be, Mabel, enjoying her first drink at the resort

Since we did stay at an all inclusive (Grand Princess Riviera), it was a very different experience than if you’re a regular tourist in Mexico. You eat all of your meals at the resort (well, probably 90% at least). You drink all of your drinks at the resort. And chances are, if you’re not on an excursion of some sort, you’ll be at the pool at the resort, for most of the time. This was my second all-inclusive experience and I’m not a huge fan in general because I like to explore the city/town/place I’m visiting. Plus, you’re even limited to the dinner places you can go to, if you don’t want to go to a buffet (similar to my experience in DR). But if you’re just looking to do nothing and relax and eat (mediocre food)/drink, then all-inclusive is definitely a good option. We spent three nights and two full days there and it went by super quick.

Mexican:Club 86
Club, which was completely empty but we got the party started
Pool:Playa del Carmen 158
Beach Day (lots of seaweed, which made the waters unswimmable)


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