how to be a tourist in miami (just not right now)

Don’t be like one of those selfish Spring Breakers. Stay home. This post is for when things go back to normal (hopefully soon). Ben and I visited Miami back in March of 2019. He was supposed to have a work conference, which ended up being cancelled, so I decided to book a flight for the weekend so we could have a quick getaway. Here are some things to do!

  1. Eat some Cuban food. This one is a given. Cuba and Miami are so close in distance, so you’ll find great Cuban food all over. I didn’t get a chance to visit Little Havana because it was out of the way and we were strapped for time. But there are still plenty of places in the Downtown area you could find good Cuban food
    Playa Cafe:Versace's Mansion 1
    Playa Cafe
    Playa Cafe:Versace's Mansion 3
    Playa Cafe

    Puerto Sagua 5
    Puerto Sagua
  2. Take in the artwork in the Wynwood District, specifically the Wynwood WallsWynwood Walls 5Wynwood Walls 6Wynwood Walls 16Wynwood Walls 38
  3. Catch some rays on South Beach. Yes, it will be crowded but you are in Miami after all. Plus, I’m from NYC and there aren’t great beaches in the greater NYC area (though I’m sure Jersey beach people would disagree), so I’m just happy if the water is blue/clear and tampon/plastic bottle-freeMiami Beach 70Miami Beach 3Miami Beach 65Playa Cafe:Versace's Mansion 10
  4. Check out the Art Deco district. Great if you’re an architecture-buff, or even if you’re notArt Deco District 5Art Deco District 6Art Deco District 1
  5. See where Gianni Versace lived. It’s the third most photographed home in the United States, after the White House, and Graceland. Today, it’s a boutique hotelPlaya Cafe:Versace's Mansion 7

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