how to be a tourist in shanghai

  1. Get a view of the Shanghai skyline at The Bund – if you don’t want to pay for a 360-view in one of the many observation decks, the Bund offers a fantastic (free) view of the skyline – especially if you go at night. I’m sure daytime views has its perks but all the buildings are lit up at night. It might be the most colorful skyline I’ve ever laid eyes on. On one side, you have all the new and modern architecture. On the other, you still have the old-time buildings. It’s the best of both worlds
    The Bund 33

    The Bund 69
    New – you can still see all the colors even through the clouds and rain
  2. Shop at Tai Kang Road in Tianzifang. In this cute alley way, you’ll find boutiques and stalls selling, arts, crafts, and clothing
    Tianzifeng 9

  3. Shop some more at Nanjing Road – they have most of your typical brand name stores, but there are also shops that sell more unique things – like Miniso, which sells random home items. It’s kind of like an inexpensive version of Muji
    Lunch:Lego Store 18
    Nanjing Road

    Lunch:Lego Store 17
    ‘Chinese New Year Dinner’ at the Lego Store
  4. Check out Jing’an Temple, originally built in 247 ADJing'an Temple 1Jing'an Temple 37
  5. Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks Reserve Roastery. The Roastery in Shanghai is currently one of six in the world. It was the first location to open. But it’s not just any old Starbuck’s. Yes, they serve the classics but the menu goes beyond that. They have gourmet pastries and sandwiches, and cocktails/beers made with Starbucks coffee beansStarbucks Reserve Shanghai 4Starbucks Reserve Shanghai 20Starbucks Reserve Shanghai 21
    Starbucks Reserve Shanghai 44
    Coffee stout

    Starbucks Reserve Shanghai 46

  6. Shop for souvenirs at Yuyuan Old Street. This is the perfect place to buy all the cheap souvenirs you want to bring home to friends/family. Don’t forget to haggle! If you have time, check out Yuyuan Garden afterwards. If not, no worries – there’s an entrance fee and it gets really crowded inside anyway
  7. Admire the architecture in the Financial District

    Financial District:Din Tai Fung 28

    Financial District:Din Tai Fung 48
    Drinks at the Park Hyatt
  8. Walk around People’s Square. It’s not just any square. On Saturdays, it turns into a market. A market where Grandparents go and advertise their grandchildren with a description of where s/he lives, works, how old s/he is, in hope of finding a suitor. It was a strange and interesting experiencePeople's Square:Beer Lady:Video Game Store 6

Of course, there is a lot more than these eight things but we were only in Shanghai for 2.5 days. I really wanted to visit Disneyland Shanghai but didn’t think it would be worth it with our schedule. One day!

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