how to be a tourist in shaoxing

Shaoxing is located 1.5 to 2 hours (by train ride) south of Shanghai. We visited the town since we were visiting Ben’s Grandpa. It’s not a major city in China so most tourists traveling to China probably would not be adding this town to their itineraries. But should you find yourself in Shaoxing, these are some of the things we did (there isn’t much to do):

Train from Shanghai to Shaoxing 2
The train station in Shanghai is massive
Train from Shanghai to Shaoxing 12
The train speeds are comparable to the bullet trains in Japan
  1. Climb the Ying Tian Tower – my friend, Google, didn’t tell me much about the history of this tower. But if you find yourself in Shaoxing, this is a nice spot to get a view of the city. There is no entry fee. Just be mindful of the operating times. We went near closing and only made it 3/4 ways to the top before a groundskeeper told us to come back down
    Ying Tian Tower 2
    Pathway to the pagoda

    Ying Tian Tower 3

    Ying Tian Tower 7
    Ying Tian Tower

    Ying Tian Tower 22
    View from (almost) the top!
  2. See where Lu Xun used to live. Lu Xun was a Chinese writer, essayist, and poet. If you’re like me, and had no idea who he was, it’s still nice to be able to walk around the home of where a famous writer used to live. I’d imagine that the American equivalent would be Emily Dickinson or Robert FrostLu Xun's Residence 2Lu Xun's Residence 17
  3. Drink or cook with some Shaoxing wine. This is where it’s originated from, after all

    Shaoxing 3
    Homemade Shaoxing cooking
  4. Shop at the mall – now I don’t remember the exact name of the mall, but it was located across the street from where we stayed, which was the Xianheng Hotel. It’s not crowded, and there are plenty of stores

    Shaoxing 20
    The claw machines at the mall got me! Unfortunately, I didn’t win 😦

Like I said – not much to do around these parts. I’m sure there are more spots (not the mall) that are worth checking out and have more Chinese history behind it. But we were only here for two days, and we did what we could!

Breakfast:Stinky Tofu:Shaoxing 11
Here is someone washing a chicken in dirty river water. I would say half of Shaoxing is modernized, but half is not

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