25 foods to say hola to in spain


  1. Gambas al ajillo – shrimp with garlic oil. You must love garlic in order to eat this dish. You’ll have garlic breath for days but it is SO worth it

    Morrysom 7
    Gambas al ajillo @ Morryssom
  2. Patatas bravas – fried chunks of potatoes, usually paired with a spicy tomato sauce. I think I could live off of these

    Boqueria 46
    Patatas Bravas @ El Quim de la Boqueria
  3. Pintxos (pinchos) – mini slices of bread, served with various toppings and a toothpick spike through it. This is typically a bar food. You take what you want, and they count the number of toothpicks you have at the end of your meal to calculate your bill
    Maitea 9
    Jamón and cheese pintxo @ Maitea
    Maitea 11

    Cerveceria Catalana 11
    Beef tenderloin + Foie Gras @ Cerveseria Catalana
  4. Churros – specifically dipped in hot chocolate, and I’m not talking about Swiss Miss. I’m talking actual melted dark chocolate

    City Centre:Gelaaato di Marco:Chocolates Valor 19
    Churros @ Chocolates Valor
  5. Paella – this one is technically from Valencia, but I’m sure you’ll find good paella in Barcelona. I like to think of this as a Spanish fried rice. You can have it with meat, seafood, veggies – what’s not to love?

    El Corte Ingles 4
    Seafood Paella @ El Corte Inglés
  6. Jamón Ibérico – this is cured ham. I mean, you gotta. It’s similar to prosciutto so if you love that, you’ll love this
    Enrique Tomas 3
    Jamón Ibérico @ Enrique Tomás

    Boqueria 8
    Mercat la Boqueria
  7. Chorizo – cured pork sausage
  8. Morcilla – blood sausage

    Morrysom 9
    Meat and cheese plate (includes cheese, morcilla, chorizo) @ Morryssom
  9. Cheese – especially Manchego — again I say – you gotta. You can’t have jamón without the cheese

    Boqueria 14
    Mercat la Boqueria
  10. Gazpacho – this is cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables. We had it at el Quim de Boqueria and it was actually my first time trying it in life. I didn’t love it, but when in Spain, right?

    Boqueria 47
    Gazpacho @ Quim de la Boqueria
  11. Boquerones – these are anchovies marinated in vinegar or some kind of vinegar/olive oil/garlic mixture. They’re very sour and fishy so if that’s not your thing, then you should probably skip these

    Boqueria 54
    Boquerones @ Quim de la Boqueria
  12. Catalan Tomato Bread – basically just tomato-rubbed bread. It’s as simple as it sounds and it’s amazing. It’s the perfect start to a meal. To be honest, I would eat this as a meal
    Morrysom 1
    Catalan Tomato Bread @ Morryssom

    Bodega 1900 12
    Catalan Tomato Bread @ Bodega 1900
  13. Albondigas – simply put, these are meatballs, served tapas-style
  14. Spanish omelette – an omelette with potatoes, and sometimes onions. It’s flavorful and filling

    El Corte Ingles 5
    Spanish Omelette @ Cortes Inglés
  15. Croquette – every country has their own version but in Spain, they use a thick béchamel sauce, and it’s typically filled with jamón

    Boqueria 53
    Croquettes @ Quim de la Boqueria
  16. Bomba – little balls of fried mashed potatoes, stuffed with ground meat. These really are the bomba (had to do it)

    Morrysom 2
    Bomba @ Morryssom
  17. Padrón peppers – fried in oil and blistered, these are eaten as tapas. They’re not spicy, although you might get a few stragglers that will have a kick

    Boqueria 50
    Padrón Peppers @ Quim de la Boqueria
  18. Bocadillos – mini sandwiches. The most popular one I’ve seen is jamón and cheese
  19. Crema Catalana – Spain’s version of creme brûlée

    Cerveceria Catalana 16
    Crema Catalana @ Cerveseria Catalana
  20. Fruit juice – fresh fruit juice for €1. Whether or not they add anything else to it, I don’t know. I do know that it was delicious

    Boqueria 6
    You’ll find these stands all over @ Mercat la Boqueria
  21. Estrella beer – this beer is brewed in Barcelona and has been around since 1876. It’s the perfect accompaniment to some tapas

    Cerveceria Catalana 2
    Estrella with a side of jamón pintxo @ Cerveseria Catalana
  22. Spanish wine – another great accompaniment to tapas, you’ll find that wine is super cheap here. They sell it at the supermarket for a few euros, and the quality is pretty good

    EasySleep Gaudi 14
    Some of these 2 Euro wines from the supermarket taste better than a 12 dollar glass of wine you’d get at a NYC restaurant
  23. Vermouth – this was actually originally from Italy, but it’s very popular in Spain, seeing as they are not-so-distant neighbors. This drink is usually served as an aperitif to stimulate your appetite. There are a lot of vermouth bars in Barcelona, including Bodega 1900 (Albert Adrià-owned, who also owns Michelin-starred Tickets)

    Bodega 1900 6
    White vermouth (left) and red vermouth (right) @ Bodega 1900
  24. McDonald’s – I had the ‘McRoyal’, which wasn’t anything special. I would say it’s similar to a Quarter Pounder in the states. But, their French fries are potato wedges. I would say that’s the only that that was really different on the menu

    McDonald's:KFC 7
  25. KFC – this is a bonus one. I normally only try the McDonald’s in each country, but Ben likes KFC much more, so we decided to give this a try as well. I must say, it was better than what I ordered at McDonalds. It was a fried chicken sandwich, with a hash brown. It was disgusting and amazing at the same timeMcDonald's:KFC 6

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