4 things i learned in the 5 days i spent in barcelona

  1. Get the T10 transport ticket if you’re only spending a short amount of time in Barcelona. You get 10 rides for €10.20. This is a multi-person ticket, meaning if you are traveling with a buddy, you can share the 10 rides.  Ben and I ended up walking a lot, but this ticket definitely came in handy for when we didn’t feel like walking. You can also use this for the train from BCN airport to the city center
  2. The weather in February is surprisingly warm. While I was bundling up in NYC at this time, once I got to Barcelona, I found myself only needing a light jacket
  3. Barcelona is one of the pick pocket capitals. That is what every single person who has visited Barcelona has told me. Maybe this made me more aware (or paranoid) but luckily, we didn’t have any bad experiences. That being said, just be smart about your surroundings, as with any foreign country
  4. Spaniards eat LATE. 9 PM is a normal dinner time. There was one night where we got back late from a tour, and didn’t end up getting to dinner until 11, and there were plenty of people still dining then.

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