7 things you should know if you’re applying for a china visa

If you’re planning to visit China, you’ll need a Visa. There are different forms you can select from, depending on the reason for your visit and the length of your stay. Here are some things to keep in mind before you apply:

  1. Download and complete the correct form (typed, in caps) prior to your visit to the Consulate (http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/hrsq/)
  2. You’ll need:
    • The completed form
    • Passport with at least two blank pages and 6 months of validity
    • Flight information
    • Accommodation information
    • Passport photo
    • $140, depending on which visa that you’ll pay when you pick up the visa. I did the multiple entries for 10 years because it was only $10 more than the two visits within 6 months one.
  1. If you’re based in NYC, the embassy is located at 520 12th Ave. They’re only open Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 2:30 PM.
  2. A regular visa takes 4 business days. If you need it expedited, you need proof of why you need to do so.
  3. You must apply in person, but you can have a friend apply for you. There are also services that can help you apply (but it’ll cost you a lot extra). You’ll also have to pick up your documents once it’s complete, which again, you can also have a friend pick up for you, as long as they have your receipt. So yes, this does mean making two trips there.
  4. Supposedly, if your passport expires before your 10-year visa does, you can still use the visa. I guess you would just have to bring two passports with you, but that’s better than going through the entire process again.
  5. If you have any questions, don’t bother calling or emailing them. No one ever responds.


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