18 foods to eat in new orleans

Just make sure you pace yourself, since the food down here is pretty heavy. They seem to love butter and salt so drink plenty of water to balance out those sodium levels!

  1. Po’ boy – sandwich stuffed with fried seafood, usually shrimp, oysters, crawfish, or catfish. Probably my favorite New Orleanian food to eatMSY - Ye Old College Inn
  2. Charbroiled/Chargrilled Oysters – grilled oysters with a buttload of butter, cheese, garlic, and other spices. I ate eight of these at once but I didn’t regret it one bit

    Legacy Oyster 1
    Char-grilled oysters from Legacy Kitchen
  3. Oysters on the half shell – if the charbroiled oysters are too heavy for you, but you still want to get your oyster fix, get em’ on the half shell. There are plenty down here and they’re pretty cheap

    Legacy Oyster 9
    The entire spread from Legacy Kitchen
  4. Crawfish – whether you go to a crawfish boil, or you have it in your etouffée, just have it. There’s no better place than New Orleans. Crawfish thrive in mud/swamps, and the Mississippi River is right there
    Crawfish Boil (2)

    Crawfish Boil (9)
  5. Catfish – like crawfish, catfish like muddy areas so they are plentiful here. The most popular way I’ve seen it cooked here is battered and fried

    Dinner @ Cochon 6
    Catfish @ Cochon
  6. Etouffée – seafood or chicken simmered in a sauce made from a roux, served over rice
    Acme Oyster 6
    Etouffée from Acme Oyster House

    Randol's (4)
    Etouffée from Randol’s in Lafayette, LA
  7. Jambalaya – riced mixed with veggies, sausage/meat/seafood, cooked together in a broth

    Jambalaya from Acme Oyster House
  8. Gumbo – stew made with meat of shellfish, celery, bell peppers, and onions

    Gallier:Bourbon Street 15
    Gumbo @ Gallier
  9. Andouilles Sausage – double-smoked sausage, made from pork, garlic, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings
  10. Boudin Balls – blood sausage rolled into a ball, battered, then deep-fried

    B&C Seafood (5)
    Boudin balls and other fried thangs
  11. Muffuletta – sandwich made with layers of marinated olive salad, ham, salami, mortadella, swiss cheese, provolone, served on a round sesame bread

    Central Grocery 9
    Muffuletta @ Central Grocery
  12. Shrimp and grits – I’m not a huge fan of the shrimp down here because I think it tastes a bit muddy

    Brunch @ Luke 6
    Shrimp and grits @ Luke
  13. Beignet – fluffy pillows of fried dough with lots of powdered sugar

    Cafe du Monde 10
    Two orders of beignets with some iced cafe au laits @ Cafe du Monde
  14. Cafe au lait – coffee mixed with chicory and hot milk, aka the perfect complement to your beignet

    Cafe Du Monde (10)
    Cafe au lait and some beignets
  15. Fried chicken – I’m not talking about Popeye’s. There are many joints that say they have the best fried chicken, but to be honest – the best fried chicken I had in New Orleans was from some corner deli
    Willie Mae's 7
    Fried chicken with mac and cheese @ Willie Mae’s Scotch House

    Fiorella's (4)
  16. Alligator meat – another animal that’s plentiful around these parts. The most popular way I’ve seen it served is battered and fried (because what ISN’T good fried?). It tastes like chicken
    Dinner @ Cochon 9
    Fried alligator with garlic aioli @ Cochon. I could eat this everyday

    B&C Seafood (8)
    Alligator burger
  17. Hand Grenade – OK, so not technically a food but still something you should try. These are those bright green tubes that you see people walking around with. Made with gin, grain alcohol, melon liqueur, rum, and vodka

    Tropical Isle 12
    Grenade @ Tropical Isle
  18. Tabasco – it’s not technically made in New Orleans but in a town about two hours away. If you have enough time, it’s worth checking out the factory tour in Lafayette

    Tabasco Factory Tour (53)
    Tabasco-flavored ice cream

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