how to be a tourist in denver

  1. Take in the scenery at Rocky Mountain National Park. Hike some trails. We did Sprague Lake and Copeland Falls. Both are short, beginner trails and you can do them in half a day. Just be sure to take it slow. Since you’re at a higher altitude, you’ll run out of breath quicker If you’re staying downtown, rent a car for about $15 a day. The drive from Denver is about an hour, and it’s a nice one. You get a backdrop of the mountains for most of the ride.
    Drive to Rocky Mts 3
    Driving to Rocky Mountain National Park
    Rocky Mts - Sprague Lake:Copeland Falls 9
    Sprague Lake

    Rocky Mts - Sprague Lake:Copeland Falls 68
    Copeland Falls on the Wild Basin Trailhead
  2. Smoke a joint. Marijuana is legal here and you won’t find a shortage of dispensaries. Most employees are pretty helpful, especially in deciding which strain is best for you. We also took a sushi and joint rolling class, and I learned a couple things about both! Just like hiking the Rockies, take it slow. The higher altitude will make you feel high quicker.
    Euflora 2
    Chocolate bars @ Euflora Dispensary
    Euflora 4
    Mints @ Euflora Dispensary
    Sushi & Joint Rolling Class 1
    The Art of Joint Rolling

    Sushi & Joint Rolling Class 5

    Sushi & Joint Rolling Class 29
    I think we might be better at rolling joints than we are sushi…
  3. Grab a beer at the Great Divide Brewing Company. You can also take a free brewery tour. This brewery is different from others because their vats sit outside. Again, take it slow. Higher altitudes make you drunk faster.Great Divide Brewing Company 5Great Divide Brewing Company 7

    Great Divide Brewing Company 2
    CO2 run-off from the beers
  4. Tour the candy factory at Hammond’s Candies. You get to see how some of their candy is made, and try a few samples.

    Hammond's Candies 20
    Candy canes in the making
  5. Check out some of the food spots at the Denver Central Market. I’m not sure if these rotate seasonally, but I really liked High Point Creamery, especially the Earl Grey & Shortbread ice cream.

    Denver Central Market 9
    Earl Grey & Shortbread, Pistachio Brittle, and Tin Cup Whiskey
  6. Get haunted at the Stanley Hotel. This is the hotel that Stephen King based, “The Shining” on. People stay there and say that they’ve encountered ghosts. We drove around the grounds, and that was creepy enough for me. I was too chicken to go inside, and I also didn’t want anything following me home.

    Apr 2018 iPhone 1827
    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
  7. Eat some Rocky Mountain Oysters. These aren’t actually oysters, contrary to its name. They’re fried cattle testicles. They don’t really taste like anything but maybe it’s because I knew I was eating cow balls – I could only stomach one of them.

    Dark Horse 5
    Rocky Mountain Oysters @ Dark Horse in Boulder

We were only there for a long weekend at the end of April (still a bit chilly), but if you have more time, check out Boulder. We only passed through for dinner on our last night, but I had time to check out the town. I guess this calls for a return trip to Colorado sometime soon!

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