james bond island

Another destination made touristy by a movie, James Bond Island (officially known as Khao Phing Kan) was featured in the James Bond movie, “The Man With the Golden Gun”. Similar to the Phi Phi Islands, there were a lot of inexpensive tours so I figured those would be the most crowded ones. So i had the same idea here but didn’t want to do another sunrise tour, so we opted for a sunset tour ($80, with a company called Seahorse Marine, which I do not recommend). It was nice because we got to have a nice, relaxing, non-rushed morning, and then start our tour. Here was our itinerary for the day:

  1. First stop is Panak Island, where we canoed through caves

    Panak Island – shout out to our guide who made us take this picture (it’s actually pretty hard to balance on an inflatable canoe and I was v. scared I was going to fall in)
  2. After that, we had lunch at Panyee Island, a village built on stilts. 

    Panak:Hong:James Bond Island:Naka Island 64
    Koh Panyee
  3. Following lunch was the main attraction – James Bond Island. There weren’t as many tourists at this time of day, but our time there was very short and we felt rushed
    Panak:Hong:James Bond Island:Naka Island 103
    The rock that everyone wants a photo of/with

    Panak:Hong:James Bond Island:Naka Island 108
    The other side of James Bond Island
  4. Afterwards, we discovered Ice Cream cave, named for its ice cream-looking structures

    Panak:Hong:James Bond Island:Naka Island 116
    Ice Cream Cave
  5. Finally, we watched the sunset from Naka Island

    Panak:Hong:James Bond Island:Naka Island 135
    Sunset from Naka Island

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