phi phi islands

Pronounced, ‘pee pee islands’, this is a group of six islands in Thailand that was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in, “The Beach.” I guarantee that you will find that description in 99% of the tours that the tour companies offer there. To get there, you will need to either stay in Phuket or Krabi, as those are the closest locations to the islands. You’ll find a lot of inexpensive tours for $50-$60, but those are the ones you’re going to want to avoid. They usually go at peak hours, which means you’ll run into a lot of other tour companies who had the same idea to take that route at the same exact time. Instead, we decided to pay more (about $90, with a tour company called The Beach) to do a sunrise tour. This meant a call time of 5 am so that we could beat the crowds, but it’s definitely worth it. Not to be confused with sunrise over Phi Phi Islands, but it’s more like you get to see the sunrise on the way there, which was still nice.

Phi Phi Islands:Maya Beach:Monkey Beach:Bamboo Island 11

This was our itinerary for the day:

  1. First stop is Maya Beach, where the boat will park near the shore, and you’ll have to wade through the water to get to the beach
    Phi Phi Islands:Maya Beach:Monkey Beach:Bamboo Island 108
    Maya Beach

    Obligatory jumping picture. You can see all of the boats in the back, where you would have to wade in from (PC: Ben Song)
  2. Next up is Phi Phi Le (one of the two more popular of the six islands. The other one is Phi Phi Don, which we did not get to because of the sailing conditions)

    Phi Phi Islands:Maya Beach:Monkey Beach:Bamboo Island 144
    Phi Phi Le, where we got to do a bit of snorkeling (not pictured, because I look ridiculous in my life jacket)
  3. Monkey Beach – if you get to close, the monkeys aren’t afraid to snatch food out of your hands

    Monkey on the roof of our boat (PC: Ben Song)
  4. Bamboo Island – nice, quiet beach (or at least it was quiet for us since we were probably about two hours ahead of everyone else)Phi Phi Islands:Maya Beach:Monkey Beach:Bamboo Island 237

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