how to be a tourist in reykjavik

  1. Climb Hallgrímskirkja to get a view of the colorful houses of Reykjavik. Tickets are 1000 ISK (about $9 USD), and they accept credit cards.
    Hallgrimskirjka 7
    Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik

    Hallgrimskirjka 26

    Hallgrimskirjka 31
    The organ inside the church
    Hallgrimskirjka 40
    View from the top (normally a lot more colorful without the snow)

    Hallgrimskirjka 44

  2. Marvel at the architecture of Harpa Concert Hall – even if you don’t have time to catch a concert here, it’s worth checking out just to see colorful glass panels that the building is constructed of.

    Harpa Concert Hall 4
    Harpa Concert Hall
  3. Shop around at the Kolaportid Flea Market. According to the site, it’s open on weekends but when we went there on a Sunday it was closed. If you do get the chance to go, you can shop for everything from antiques to dried fish.
  4. Check out the Sun Voyager metal sculpture. It’s commonly mistaken as a viking ship, but it’s actually meant to be an ode to the sun, symbolizing light and hope.

    Sun Voyager 14
    Sun Voyager in Downtown Reykjavik

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