flying icelandair

Try not to if you can help it. The only reason why my friends and I chose this airline was because it was cheap. Here are all of the cons:

  1. Checked bag is NOT included. You also have to make sure your carry-on is small enough. Smaller than the standard rolling luggage carry-on. You can’t check in online ahead of time because they make you check in at the counter to make sure your baggage will fit into their tester. I ended up having to pay $70 to check in my carry on bag because it was too big (mind you, I’ve traveled on other airlines with this and was able to put it in the overhead bin without any problems). They weren’t going to get me again the second time though. On the way back, we unscrewed the wheels of my luggage before we got to the airport, so that we made sure it would fit. So take THAT, Icelandair!
  2. No meals – yes, it is a short flight and airplane food is shitty anyway, but still. It would have been nice to have a little something.
  3. Very little leg room. I’m 5’5. Not that tall but even so, I felt like a contortionist. I had nowhere to put my legs. I can’t imagine how people taller than me felt on that flight.

Here are the pros:

  1. It was about $300 for a roundtrip nonstop flight for MLK weekend from JFK to KEF, the main airport by Reykjavik.

That’s about it. And maybe this sunset (could also be a sunrise, who knows?):

Sunset from the plane


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