8 things i learned from the 3 days i spent in prague

  1. If you’ve been to Europe, then you know their rail system is pretty efficient in getting from one city to the next, or even one country to the next. Unfortunately, our research for Vienna to Prague showed us that the train ride was pretty expensive. So, we opted for an early morning bus ride instead, for 20 USD, and four hours of our time. It really wasn’t bad since it was nonstop.
  2. There are a lot of Thai massage spots. They looked like they were actually legit, and not ‘happy ending’ spots. Upon doing some research, apparently, Czechs visiting Thailand, brought this ‘business venture’ back to their country. 
  3. There’s a large Vietnamese population in Prague. Again, upon doing some research, it turns out that the Vietnamese came over in the 1950s during the Vietnam War on a fellowship/for work, and they never returned home. That means you won’t find a shortage of places to grab a bowl of pho in Prague.

    Mr. Banh Mi 2
    Banh Mi from Mr. Banh Mi
  4. Weather in December is COLD. Slightly colder than NYC winters. I felt like Vienna was even colder than Prague, even though Prague is more north
  5. Trams are not that convenient – again, when comparing it to Vienna, where I felt like we hopped on public transport every change we got. We ended up walking everywhere to save time and money.
  6. Gates are the airport open exactly 2 hours before your flight so don’t go any earlier than that. We followed the United States rule of going three hours prior to departure, for international flights and ended up having to wait an hour before we could check in. We couldn’t even go to any of the airport lounges since they were all after security.

    PRG to SVO to JFK 3
    Finally able to enjoy the MasterCard lounge at PRG
  7. Food is cheap. It’s definitely the more inexpensive cities I’ve visited in Europe. For our first meal in Prague, between Yan and I, we had an entree, an appetizer, a soup, and three beers, and the total with tax/tip came out to $32.

    Potrefena Husa 5
    All the beers (PC: Yan Lu)
  8. They don’t give you water at restaurants unless you ask for it. It’s not like the United States where they automatically bring a glass out, or like other European cities, where they ask what type of water you’d like.

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