8 foods to eat in vienna

  1. Wiener Schnitzel – this means Viennese cutlet. The most popular version is a thinly-pounded piece of veal. I’m not a huge fan of veal, so I opted for the chicken, which is probably the second most popular.

    1516 Brewing Company 3
    Chicken Schnitzel with a side of potato salad @ 1516 Brewing Company
  2. Viennese Sausage – I can’t compare it to the canned Vienna Sausage, since I’ve never had it, but this particular one just tasted like a hot dog.

    Salm Brau 9
    Viennese Sausage @ Salm Brau
  3. Apfelstrudel – or an apple strudel, a layered pastry with apples inside. If you get the chance to go to Cafe Residenz the Schonbrunn, you’ll get to watch them make it.

    Apple Strudel Show 5.JPG
    Apple Strudel @ the Cafe Residenz
  4. Goulash – this is a soup/stew of meat/vegetables, which originated in Hungary. But luckily, I got to try it in Austria. Since Hungary is just next door, goulash is a pretty popular dish in Austria.

    Gmoa Keller 5
    Goulash @ Gmoa Keller
  5. Sacher torte – dense chocolate cake (think, almost brownie-like), with layers of apricot jam. Maybe it was the cafe I tried it at (I didn’t go to a bakery), or maybe it’s because I don’t like apricots. But I didn’t really like the cake. It was very sweet and too dry.

    Burg.ring Cafe 6
    Sacher Torte @ Burg.ring Cafe
  6. Glühwein – also known as mulled wine, which can be found at any and every Christmas market you visit in Vienna. It’s not something that I would drink at home, but for cold nights in Vienna, it’s a nice treat to have while browsing all of the Christmas stalls.

    Alt Weiner:Freyung Christmas Market 7
    This is me double fisting some mulled wine at the Freyung Christmas Market, which is right next door to Alt Wiener Christmas Market (PC: Yan Lu)
  7. Zweigelt – made from grapes that happen to be the most widely grown red grape in Austria, this is a type of red wine and it’s pretty great. Plus, wine is cheap in Austria!Gmoa Keller 1
  8. McDonald’s – there are a few ‘snack wraps’ for breakfast. They also like eating chicken for breakfast here. 
    McDonald's 11
    Some kind of ham, cheese, and arugula flatbread with mustard, that I did not care for

    McDonald's 14
    McChicken McMuffin, which was actually very good. The U.S. should take notes

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