how to be a tourist in vienna

  1. Virtually climb to the top of Karlskirche – that’s right: virtual reality, at a church. I must say that it did give me vertigo and a bit of nausea, but it was a very interesting, and it was a very unique experience.

    Karlskirsche 2
  2. Watch how apple strudel is made – my ignorant American self had always assumed that apple strudel was German. But it wasn’t until I started doing research for my Viennese vacation did I discover that the strudel is actually from Austria. The show is located inside the Cafe Residenz at the Schonbrunn. They have a few showtimes available. If you have the Vienna Pass, the ticket is included, and you get half an apple strudel.

    Apple Strudel Show 16
    Strudelshow in the Cafe Residenz at Schonbrunn
  3. Visit the Schonbrunn – it’s really nice to take pictures outside. Plus if you visit during Christmastime, you’ll get to go to the Christmas markets. However, I’m not huge on museums, so I breezed through most what was inside. I really only went because it was included in the Vienna Pass.

    Schonbrunn 5
    The Schonbrunn
  4. Explore Vienna’s largest outdoor market, Naschmarkt – it was on my list of to-dos, but Yan and I just happened to stumble upon it one day, so we decided to walk through. It wasn’t as great as I expected. There were numerous stalls, but they were all selling very similar things: candy, olives, meats, produce, and cheese. Also, I’m not sure if it was the time of day we went (around 3-4 pm or so), or if no one actually visits, but the market was pretty empty.  Even so, I was able to get a gyro the size of my head, so I was pretty happy, since I was starving.Naschmarkt 5Naschmarkt 6Naschmarkt 17
  5. Check out the Jewish museum – if I’m being completely honest, we visited because it was included in the Vienna Pass. It was interesting, but it was small – so I would say go only if you have the pass.
  6. Take 1,000 pictures of Stephansdom – if you’re like me, it doesn’t matter how many times you pass by St. Stephen’s Church. Each and every time, you will feel compelled to take a photo of it and all of its grandeur.
  7. Roam Vienna’s City Hall at Rathausplatz – free audioguided tours on MWF @ 1 pm.
    Rathausplatz Christmas Market at Night 35
    Christmas Market at Rathausplatz

    Rathausplatz:Rathaus Tour 25
    One of the meeting rooms inside Rathaus
  8. Watch horses do their morning exercises at Spanish Riding School – nothing too fascinating but if you like horses, this might be a good stop for you. Just be mindful of the person who walks around telling you not to take photos/videos.

    Spanish Riding School:Hofburg 12
    Was able to sneak this photo before I got yelled at
  9. Get a taste of how Austrian royalty used to live at the Hofburg – a few museums consist of this that are included in the ticket price. You can see everything from where they used to sleep, to the dinnerware they ate off of.

    Spanish Riding School:Hofburg 41
    The Hofburg
  10. Marvel at all of the books at the Austrian National Library – this is probably one of the grandest libraries I’ve been to. It didn’t seem like anyone was actually there to read, but more for photo ops.

    Austrian National Library 17
    Austrian National Library
  11. Learn about Austrian art history at Kunsthistoriches – most of the work is from the Habsburgs (who lived within the Hofburg).
  12. Look at the art at Belvedere – this was probably my least favorite, due to the fact that I had checked my coat and then had to go outdoors to visit different exhibits. The only thing I liked about it was the photo ops of the actual structure, and not what was inside.

    Belvedere 32
    The Belvedere
  13. Admire the architecture of Kunst Haus Wien – by then, Yan and I were all museumed out but still wanted to check the place out from the outside. It wasn’t as great as Instagram tells you it is.Kunst Haus Wien 6

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