music in vienna

Like any other Asian child, I was forced to play a musical instrument at a young age. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m just kidding! V. thankful that you made me take piano lessons for all of those years!) So naturally, my inner music nerd was pretty excited to see Mozart and Beethoven’s apartments, both of which were household names growing up. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to catch a concert while in Vienna, but here are all of the music-related things that I did get to do:

  1. Haus der Musik – an interactive music museum, where you get play the piano with your feet, create your own symphony, and conduct your own orchestra, just to name a few things. You’ll also learn about famous composers aside from the obvious Mozart and Beethoven, but also Strauss, Brahms, and Haydn. Plus, the museum is included in the Vienna Pass, and is open late! (Tip – go in the evening around 6 or so, and you’ll have the place pretty much to yourself. Then take a 2 minute walk over to 1516 Brewing Company for some dinner).
    Haus der Musik 5
    Batons of famous conductors

    Haus der Musik 8
    Fingerboard of a giant guitar
  2. Mozart statue – located in the Burggarten, this can be easily missed. To be honest, the treble clef grass was a bit more impressive than the statue itself. Don’t go out of your way to see it but if you’re in the area, you might as well.

    Mozart Statue 3.JPG
    Mozart statue at the Burggarten
  3. Mozarthaus – you can get a taste of how Mozart used to live. He liked expensive things and his bank account wasn’t very forgiving of that. (included in Vienna Pass) Just be warned, that a lot of the museum is about some of his peer composers.Mozarthaus 2Mozarthaus 9
  4. Beethoven Pasqualitihaus – Beethoven lived in Vienna for a period of time, where he had hoped to study with Mozart. Whether or not he actually did is still unclear. This was a bit difficult to find, and was quite small and unimpressive, especially compared to Mozart’s digs. If you don’t have the Vienna Pass, which includes this ticket, then you might be better off skipping it.Beethoven Pasqualatihaus 2
  5. Vienna State Opera – even if you don’t get the chance to listen to a concert, the exterior is pretty grand and is worth checking out.Vienna State Opera 4.JPG

Tip – my research has told me to avoid people on the street (they may or may not be wearing a Mozart wig) selling tickets for concerts. They’re expensive and not very good.

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