3 things to do in geneva

Yes, count ‘em – THREE. There’s not much else going on in Geneva. The main reason Ben and I came here was for the CERN, which wasn’t even open. You would think there would be more to do in such an international city. But there wasn’t and it was actually kind of shady. We didn’t feel too safe at night. Plus there were prostitutes looking for work at night, so maybe that’s one of the reasons we felt at unease. I wouldn’t recommend this as a stop if you’re on a trip to Switzerland.

1. Visit the United Nations. Tickets are 12 CHF (or 10 CHF if you have a student ID). You can’t reserve ahead of time. There are only a few English tours per day and it’s first come first serve. However, the group I was in was pretty large – probably about 40 people. You get to see the rooms where all of the world leaders meet up, so that was pretty cool.

United Nations 13
One of the many meeting rooms of world leaders

United Nations 25

United Nations 51
“Broken Chair” sculpture, which is near the UN

2. Check out the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. This was the main reason we came to Geneva because Ben really wanted to go. Unfortunately, we found out after we booked the non-refundable hotel in Geneva that it was closed for some holiday, so we didn’t get to see it. Be sure to plan accordingly.

3. See the Jet d’Eau, perhaps one of Geneva’s most famous landmarks. We didn’t get to see it after two failed attempts, since it wasn’t on for some reason, but we did grab this nighttime shot by the lake.Lake Geneva at Night 4.JPG

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