how to be a tourist in zurich

Admire the 5 large stained-glass windows of Fraumünster church. These were designed by Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall back in 1970. For just 5 CHF (or free for students with a valid ID), you get an audio guide. It’s a VERY detailed audio guide so if you’re interested in learning about every corner of this church, allot yourself at least 2.5 hours.

iPhone Sept 2017 22
Fraumünster Church

Climb the tower at Grossmünster for a bird’s eye view of Zürich. For such an expensive country, admission to this church is a steal. For 4 CHF (or 2 CHF with a student ID), you get entry to the church and you get to climb to the top of the tower. While you can’t take any photos inside the church itself, you’ll have plenty of photo ops once you get to the top.

iPhone Sept 2017 20
Grossmünster Church

Grossmunster 1

Grossmunster 11
View of Fraumünster from the top of Grossmünster

Learn about Swiss history at Landesmuseum. This is also known as the Swiss National Museum. Landesmuseum is the German name for it. Don’t be an idiot like me and think that these are two separate attractions. Admission is 10 CHF (or 8 CHF with a student ID). Neither Ben nor I are art buffs, so we were able to explore the entire museum in under 1.5 hours.

Landesmuseum 1
Landesmuseum 2
Old Swiss bank notes

Feel like a kid again at Technorama. This is a science museum about a half an hour train ride outside of Zürich, located in Winterthur. Tickets are steep here and will run you 28 CHF (or 25 CHF with a student ID) but this is one of the better science museums I’ve been to. They have live shows, which are in German but it’s still easy to follow for non-German speakers, and many exhibits. Allot yourself at least 3 hours here if you want to see everything.

Technorama 56
Technorama in Winterthur, Switzerland
Technorama 35
Giant bubble maker! (PC: Ben Song)
Technorama 45
Ben has perfected the art of posing in front of a green screen

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