how to be a tourist in boston

Harpoon Brewery 1
Have a beer at Harpoon Brewery – tours are only $5 but it’s first come, first serve
Samuel Adam's Brewery 011
Then, head over to the Sam Adams brewery and have another beer
James Hook Lobster Co 3
Grab a lobster roll at James Hook Lobster Company
Quincy Market 1
Explore Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall Marketplace – here, you’ll find overpriced souvenirs and mall-like fast food places
Boston Public Gardens 20
Get some fresh air at Boston Common, or the Central Park of Boston
Paddleboating in Charles River 10
Pedal Boat at Back Bay along the Charles River – $20 for about three hours; just make sure it’s not too windy that day
Boston Public Library 5
Discover the Boston Public Library – even if you’re not there to study or borrow books, it’s a beautiful library worth checking out

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