flying british airways

With more and more budget flights popping up nowadays, British Airways was still the better deal at the time I booked in February. It was $663 for a flight at the end of May. Norwegian was around $550, but I would have had to pay for a checked luggage both ways, so it would have came out to be around the same. Plus Norwegian doesn’t include any meals. Not that it’s fine dining on British Airways. It’s your typical airplane food but it’s better than nothing, especially when you’re tired and hungry.

JFK to LHR 2

LHR to JFK 2
Vegetarian lasagna

The actual flight wasn’t bad. 7 hours, nonstop into London Gatwick, which is closer to the city center. On the way back was where the nightmare was at. We happened to fly out the day after the whole system outage debacle, where thousands of flights were either delayed or cancelled. Luckily, our flight was still on track since the systems were back up and running by then. But we were still feeling the aftermath. Heathrow airport was a hot mess. We arrived about 2.5 hours before our scheduled flight and by the time we checked in and passed through security, we sat down for less than 5 minutes before we needed to board the plane. Everything else went off without a hitch!

LHR to JFK 1

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