how to be a tourist in london

So you’ve admired the Big Ben, rode the London Eye, witnessed the opening/closing of the Tower Bridge, but there is much more to London than just those obvious spots. Here are 16 more things to do in this city:

Hyde Park:Kensington Palace 15
Say Hello to the royal family Kensington Palace – well, you can’t really but it’s still interesting to see what their home looks like
Hyde Park:Kensington Palace 10
Get some fresh air at Hyde Park, the Central Park of London
Matilda 3
Watch a Broadway show – maybe not specifically Matilda, which is what I saw and it almost put me to sleep, but London has plenty of other popular shows
Catch the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4 – an employee will help you stage the perfect photo, which you can buy or you can have a friend take your photo. If you go early enough, the wait won’t be too long (PC: Mabel Ng)
Notting Hill 6
Admire the homes in Notting Hill – a very picturesque neighborhood with beautiful homes
Portobello Market 3
Go antiquing at Portobello Market
HP Walking Tour:London City Centre 20
Check out Trafalgar Square – named for the Battle of Trafalgar between France and Spain, today, it’s a public square where many events take place
HP Walking Tour:London City Centre 11
Shop at Piccadilly Circus – circus means circle in this case and here, you’ll find bright billboards and lots of shopping nearby. I call this the Times Square of London
The Harp 1
Have a pint at the local pub (the Harp @ Covent Garden)
Shakespeare's Globe 25
Take in the arts at Shakespeare’s Globe – get a tour (included in your London Pass) of where Shakespearean theater took/takes place


Day 1 Chinatown 5
Eat some Chinese food in Chinatown and explore the neighborhood
British Museum 12
Learn about human history at the British Museum – it’s like a smaller version of the American Museum of Natural History (free admission)
London Zoo 5
Hang with the animals at London Zoo (included in the London Pass), the world’s oldest scientific zoo
Harrod's 16
Window shop at Harrod’s – it’s fun to look even if you can’t buy. Plus they’ve got a pretty impressive food market


Twinings Tea Shop 2
Drink some tea at Twinings – you’ll find tea bags available here that you won’t find in supermarkets. There’s also a small museum in the back
M&S:Fortnum & Mason 4
Souvenir shop for high-end tea at Fortnum and Mason


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