abbey road

The Beatle’s Abbey Road was released on my birthdate, September 26, many years before I was born. It’s also the last album that the Beatles recorded together before they broke up. It’s also named for the location, where Abbey Road studios is located, which is where they recorded. The album cover is easily recognizable: John Lennon leads Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and finally, George Harrison across the zebra path.

Abbey Road 3

My two friends and I (our fourth friend, or the “fourth Beatle” had left London earlier so she missed out on the photo op) tried to recreate this album cover, as tourists do. But it’s actually a lot more difficult than you might think because 1. At least 20 other tourists have the same idea as you, so you are trying not to get into each other’s shots. 2. It’s a pretty busy intersection. Luckily, none of the cars really honk at you because they probably expect this if Abbey Road is along their route. 3. You have the few stragglers who have no clue what Abbey Road is, and are legitimately trying to cross the street, so they end up getting into your shot. Despite all of these obstacles, it’s still a fun experience. They also have an Abbey Road Crossing Cam Live Feed that you can check out, just to get an idea of how crowded it might be at any given moment.

Abbey Road 34
It was a good attempt
Abbey Road 54
Abbey Road Studios


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