the one market you must visit in london

There is no shortage of markets in London. But if there is only one market you can make it to while you’re in town, it should be Camden Market (sometimes called Camden Lock). With over 1,000 different stalls selling food, music, art, clothing, souvenirs, it would be hard not to find something to buy. I’m just sad that I visited at the end of my trip, when most of my souvenir-shopping had already been done. Camden Market is THE place to buy souvenirs. I’m talking £1 magnets, and £13 Beatles records. Although many of the shops sell similar things, you could still easily spend the majority of your day here, just browsing everything. Prepare yourself to face the swarm of people though. My friends and I tried to come when it opened at 10 am. The good thing was that the crowds weren’t quite there yet. The bad thing was that a lot of stalls weren’t even open yet. Fast forward to 11 am, and that’s when everyone starts filtering in.

Camden Market 21
Camden Lock

Camden Market 37

Camden Market 14
1000+ shops to browse through
Camden Market 7
Superheroes on Abbey Road

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