4 things to do in oxford

My friends and I decided to do a day trip to either Oxford or Cambridge – the two biggest college towns in England. I forgot how we ended up picking Oxford, but we headed there for a half-day trip after visiting Windsor Castle. While others might argue that you can easily spend a few days in town, a few hours was enough for us. Here are some of the things we got the chance to experience:

  1. Carfax Tower – no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the used car history report company as I thought. Also known as St. Martin’s Tower, the Carfax Tower is considered the center of the city, and stands at 74 feet tall.
    Oxford 25
    Carfax Tower
    Oxford 17
    View from the top

    Oxford 18
    The spiral staircase can make you dizzy
  2. Oxford Covered Market – open Monday to Saturday 8AM to 5:30PM, and Sundays 10AM to 4PM, you’ll find lots of shops here that sell everything from sausage links to clothing to unique cakes.Oxford 20Oxford 23
  3. Christ Church Cathedral – even if you’re not a religious person, this one is definitely worth visiting if only to walk around the grounds.Oxford 27Oxford 37
  4. University of Oxford – the oldest university in the Englsh-speaking world, and probably the main reason people choose to visit Oxford. There’s no actual main campus since it’s situated in the city, but there are several buildings scattered throughout, much like the campus of NYU.Oxford 50

    Oxford 57
    Bridge of Sighs

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