how to get the best view of the changing of the guards

I’m talking up close and personal, unobstructed. Well, except for some barricades. And you might have someone behind you accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) whack you in the back of the head with an iPad so that they can get a better look. But hey, at least you’ll have a front row seat to the show.

Windsor Castle 48

First thing’s first. Forget about Buckingham Palace. Windsor Castle is where it’s at. I didn’t even know they had it until I got to the UK, so I’m betting that not as many people know about it either. The castle is about an hour train ride from London, so that’s probably another reason why there are fewer crowds. But the trip is definitely worth it just to see the Changing of the Guards. Plus, if you have a London Pass, you get ticket entry, you get to skip the (LONG) line, and you get a round trip train ticket. You’ll also get the change to explore the inside of the castle. Windsor Castle also happens to be one of the places of residence of the Queen.

Windsor Castle 14
If you get there early enough, you get to have a photo op with one of the guards – something you likely won’t be able to do at Buckingham Palace (PC: Mabel Ng)
Windsor Castle 38
Changing of the Guards at Windor Castle – Windsor, UK

Windsor Castle 6Windsor Castle 9

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