the birthplace of the cadbury creme egg

It all dates back to 1824. John Cadbury had a shop in Birmingham, England, where he was trying to perfect the recipe for drinking chocolate. Fast forward to 1875, when Cadbury was trying to one-up his competitor and thus, the original variation of the Cadbury egg was born! Today, the eggs are produced at 1.5 million per day at the Bournville factory. I had the chance to visit Cadbury World, which is a semi-self-guided museum tour that teaches you about the history of Cadbury. The girls and I made the 2.5 hour train ride from London, just to check this place out. Unfortunately, we were expecting much more than just a Cadbury museum. However, while you don’t get a factory tour, you do get the chance of seeing some chocolates being hand-made.

Cadbury World 26Cadbury World 28

Other than Cadbury World, there’s lots of shopping to do in Birmingham so that’s what we did to kill time until our train back to London.

Birmingham 34
The Bull Ring Indoor Market is open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5:30pm
Birmingham 29
Bull outside of the Bull Ring Shopping Centre
Birmingham 30
St. Martin in the Bull Ring

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