There’s not a whole lot going on in Bath, UK. My friends and I did a tour with a company that I would NOT recommend, that combined Stonehenge and Bath. The tour got off to a late start. Luckily, I don’t think you need more than a half a day in Bath, if all you’re looking to do is check out its main attractions:

Roman Baths – back when the Romans occupied Britain, they built baths over Bath’s three natural hot springs. This was used as a place to bathe and socialize. While the baths are no longer in use today, they still flow with natural hot water.

Roman Baths 34

Bath Abbey – this was the church where the first King of England was crowned, back in 973. To learn more about its history, you can check out their site.

Roman Baths 7
Bath Abbey, as seen from the Roman Baths

Bath Abbey 2Bath Abbey 5

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