Unimpressive. That’s usually the first word that comes to mind whenever somebody asks me how I liked Stonehenge. Sure, it looks majestic in all of the photos but in reality, it doesn’t seem like anything more than a bunch of oversized rocks. It’s also roped off, so we can’t get near the stones, which makes sense since people are terrible and will definitely wreck the 5,000-year-old monuments. Due to this, and us needing to stay behind the rope, this only leaves a narrow walkway for people to walk on (in both directions). This made it hard to follow along with the audio guide they give out, since you can’t really linger in one spot for too long. It felt like we were being herded, like cattle. Despite this, we were fortunate for great weather that day, I was able to nab a couple of good shots.

Stonehenge 11Stonehenge 23

Stonehenge 38
At the visitor’s center, you can check out what it’s like to pull a stone of a similar weight (PC: Amanda Wu)
Tip – tour buses will drop you off at the visitor’s center, which is about 1.5 miles from the stone circle. If you have enough time, you can walk there, or you can take their shuttle buses. But prepare for a wait.

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