london’s oldest food market

Borough Market in the Southwark neighborhood of London has been around for more than 1,000 years. If you’re planning on visiting, expect crowds. And by crowds, I mean fish in a sardine can. You’ll need to be okay with walking shoulder to shoulder with strangers in sticky heat. The best way to avoid this, or at least mitigate it would be to come early, right when it opens. My friends and I went around 2 pm and it took us a couple of hours just to visit a few stalls. If you’re willing to endure the hoards of people, the market is pretty great. With all of these vendors, you’d find something even for the pickiest of eaters. Here are some of the places we got a chance to try:

Borough Market 11
Grilled cheese from Kappacasein Dairy
Borough Market 22
Scotch Egg from Scotchtails
Borough Market 4
Right near the Shard
Borough Market 3
Borough Market 8
They sell fresh seafood as well

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