boozy bike rides

Have you ever seen those idiots on the 12-person bikes, cruising down the street, being loud and obnoxious? Well in Nashville, I was one of those idiots, and it was actually really fun! My friends and I decided to do a boozy bike tour with the Pedal Tavern, which takes you to a few of Broadway’s bars. You get to drink along the way, while giving your legs a workout, and the sober tour guide steers the vehicle.

It’s definitely a unique experience. In the hours leading up to our ride, we had seen a couple of these bikes pass by. Emanating from these bikes were loud music, with half the riders screaming the lyrics, and the other half ‘woohooing’. It just didn’t seem that fun at all. Were we too old for this? Did we make a mistake? Luckily, it’s an entirely different experience once you get on the bike. The alcohol definitely helps too.

Group Photo 2

As for the pedaling, it’s harder than it looks. If not everyone is pulling (or should I say pedaling?) their own weight, you will feel it. The seats are also pretty high and some of them are not adjustable. So if you’re short, you’re going to have problems. I’m 5”5, which I think is average, and it was a bit of a struggle for me. There are four seats on the bike that don’t have pedals on them, meaning if you’re lucky enough to nab one of these seats, you get to just sit back, relax, drink, and enjoy the views.

Pedal Tavern 15
The view near our second stop of the night

I would recommend a nighttime Broadway route tour. That way, you can enjoy all of the lights of the Nashville bars, without having to navigate through the crowds.

Pedal Tavern 16

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