cheap booze and free tunes

If you like (cheap) drinks + (free) live music, Nashville is the perfect destination for you. Spend a night barhopping down Lower Broadway, and you’re bound to make a lot of great memories.

Downtown 5

And if country music isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. They play other types of music as well. For example, at the Honky Tonk, they have three different floors of music, and the band that happened to be playing on the first floor at the time we went in would have connected with my angsty teen self pretty well (think Blink 182, Good Charlotte, etc.). If that’s still not your thing, there are literally hundreds of bars on Broadway, so I’m sure you’ll land on one that suits you.

Tip – while I’m sure there’s something going on every night, I noticed a huge difference between the crowds on a Saturday night vs. a Sunday night. There were a lot more people out on Saturday (expectedly so), but there were also a lot more live bands on Saturday night as well. So just keep this in mind the next time you pay a visit to Music City.

Downtown 1
Live music at Acme Feed & Seed
Day 2 Downtown 4
Honky Tonk Central

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