muir woods

1,200 years. That’s how old the oldest tree is at Muir Woods, a redwood forest just 12 miles north of San Francisco.

Muir Woods 18

Muir Woods 6
The tallest tree in Muir woods is 258 feet
Muir Woods 39
Photo Credit: Percila Zhong

Muir Woods 10

There are a few different trails there that you can hike. The shortest one takes just about half an hour. Just make sure you dress warmly because it’s cold and damp once you’re there. I booked a tour through Viator, which booked me with Gray Line. It’s definitely not for everyone though, as they do jam quite a bit into half a day. I’m told by my cousin, who lives near SF, that booking a tour is the best way to the forest, as it can be tough to find parking in the area. But no matter how you go, just make sure you go! It’s a nice little break from the city, without having to travel too far.

Muir Woods 3
Muir Woods National Monument

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