how to get the best view of san francisco

Aside from the obvious choice at Alcatraz, there’s also:

Twin Peaks – two hills, standing 925 feet tall in the geographic center of San Francisco. You can Uber or Lyft right up there, which is what we did since we were pressed for time and the ride was ridiculously cheap. Just make sure you dress warmly because it does get super windy up there.

Twin Peaks 4
Sunset on Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 16
The line in the middle with all the lights is Market Street

Sausalito – no, it’s just just a cookie made by Pepperidge Farm. It’s actually also a city that’s located north of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are lots of Mom and Pop shops in town, and there’s also a ferry you can take back to San Francisco.

Sausalito 5

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