when it downpours on your tropical vacation

November is the last month of hurricane season in Punta Cana – which is something I wish I knew before I had booked it. A lot of people who have been were telling me that it should be fine since it was the end of the season. But of course, the week before we had went, there were downpours and floods, and there was rain in the forecast for the week of. I prayed to the weather gods that there would be no rain but alas, it was no use. There ended up being heavy rain, winds, clouds, and only half a day where it was sunny. How can one tan under these conditions?!

We did want to go into town and explore, and maybe get a few plates of authentic Dominican food – but we also didn’t want to walk around in the pouring rain, so we decided against it. We also tried to go on a zip lining/monkey land excursion. The tour even took us by the mountain but the roads to get up were flooded, so they ended up taking everybody back to their hotels. Despite all this, Ben and I did try to make the most of our trip. Here is what our vacation looked like:

Windy conditions led to rough waves and lots of debris washing up on the beach. It also caused our included kayaking session to be cancelled.
The clouds cleared up for a bit…
We spent most our days lounging by the pool but unfortunately, only 1 out of the 5 days looked like this

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