punta cana 2016

With only three vacation days left for the last quarter of 2016, I had spent some time thinking about how to use them wisely. I couldn’t go anywhere far because I would only have a max of 5 days, if combined with a weekend. So that’s when I realized that an all-inclusive somewhere tropical was a great candidate! I can get away to somewhere warm. The flights would only be a few hours away, and 5 days seemed like the perfect amount of time to lounge, tan, and go on a few excursions. Ben and I decided on Punta Cana, DR because they seemed to have better/cheaper options over other places like Mexico or Jamaica.

The flight from JFK to PUJ was a very doable four hour flight. We flew JetBlue so there weren’t really any surprises there, except for the fact that their Direct TV service only works for the first one and a half hours or so. I guess that makes sense since we’re flying over the ocean for most of the time. Maybe that was for the best because there was nothing good on TV anyway so I ended up just watching Jerry Springer and Judge Mathis until the satellite went out.

Aside from that, most things went off without a hitch – except for the weather. We went in November (17-21), which happens to be the tail end of hurricane season. Luckily, we did not get caught in any of those. However, there were a few floods before we arrived, and a couple of downpours while we were there, but we made the most of it. When all else fails at an all-inclusive, you can always eat and drink to your heart’s content. I’ll give you some more deets about that in my later posts but for now, here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

The cloudy weather cleared up for a bit…
And it ended up looking like this for a few hours
Horseback riding with a side of cattle

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