washington, d.c. 2016

In honor of President Obama, let’s look back and reminisce on the better times when he was still in office.

Ben and I took a trip to Washington DC back in September 2016 during Labor Day Weekend. He had never been to the Capitol before, and the last time I had visited was probably when I was in elementary school. 20 years later, everything looks pretty much the same – with the exception of smart phones and selfie sticks.

For any first-timer, here are some of the spots in the National Mall you’ll want to hit up:

United States Capitol – build started in 1793. Today, it’s the home of the US Congress and the legislative branch of the government
Lincoln Memorial – built in 1922, this statue honors the 16th president of the United States


Washington Monument – completed in 1888, this 554-feet tall monument honoring the first President of the United States is the world’s tallest stone structure, and the world’s tallest obelisk


White House – every Commander-in-Chief and his family since John Adams has called this place their home. And no, it’s not true that the President is home when the flag is raised. That’s just a myth


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