where not to snorkel in puerto rico

I don’t know if Puerto Rico is really known for their snorkeling. I’m sure they’ve got some amazing reefs somewhere but unfortunately, Icacos Island by Fajardo was not one of these places.

For starters, that island is DUMB far. It’s about an hour and a half drive from San Juan. My friends and I booked a tour through East Island Excursions. The bus ride from our hotel was included in the price. (and it’s a good thing it was because I can only imagine how much that cab ride would have been. They’re already expensive as it is since there are only a few cab companies in San Juan – no Uber or Lyft!) We arrived at the marina, checked in, and finally set sail at 10 a.m. After about an hour, we got near the beach, so people could either swim to shore or snorkel around that area. I opted for both but spent most of my time snorkeling. There wasn’t much to see and from the little I did get to see, it wasn’t very clear because the water was cloudy. Not very eventful. Luckily, it was a beautiful day so I did get some shots of the beautiful view!

Icacos from afar
The swim to shore

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