san juan 2016

I recently went to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a bachelorette party. And by recent, I mean back in April. So technically, this post is about 5 months overdue but better late than never, right? Although I’m sure some of you reading this might prefer the latter option, in which case, you can GET OFF MY BLOG! (Just kidding…)

Even though I was only there for a short period of time, I still got to explore a lot of Old San Juan. I had just gotten back from Amsterdam one late Friday night, hopped on a 6 am flight to San Juan Saturday morning, arrived – ate, explored, partied til 3 am, woke up at 6 am Sunday to catch a snorkeling cruise, ate and explored again, then hopped on a 1 am red eye back to NYC, took an hour nap and headed straight to work. That pretty much sums up my weekend in San Juan. One very sleep-deprived weekend. Was it worth it? Hell yes! Would I do it all over again? Hell no! I’m not 21 anymore and this girl needs her beauty sleep. So while I go catch up on some of that, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite shots of San Juan.

Some of the many colorful structures in Old San Juan
Only in San Juan would a random alleyway look this pretty
View from Castillo San Felipe del Morro

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