there’s more to amsterdam than weed

SHOCKING, I know. Sure, it’s what Amsterdam is known for. But it’s not for everybody. If you’re not the wake and bake type of person, there are plenty of other activities in this city that you can start/fill your day with!

Amsterdam Cheese Museum – (FREE!) – it’s a cheese shop upstairs and a mini museum downstairs. You’ll also get the chance to dress up in traditional Dutch cheesemonger clothing and have all the photo ops you want. The shop/museum is located a few blocks from the Anne Frank Museum so you can make an afternoon of both activities.

Amsterdam Cheese Museum 2

Royal Palace – (€10) – built in the 17th century, the palace was originally used as a city hall. Today, it’s used for Royal events. I didn’t get a chance to explore the inside but even if you just walk around outside, it’s an interesting sight to see. And chances are, you’ll pass by it a few times since it’s located right in the center of Dam Square.

Royal Dutch Palace 37

Begijnhof – (FREE!) – simply put, it’s a bunch of old houses. They were built during the Middle Ages. It’s located by the Singel so it would be good to combine this with the Bloemenmarkt.

Begijnhof 13.JPG

NEMO Science Center – (€15) – it’s the fifth most visited museum in the Netherlands. It’s a cool place for kids (or the kid at heart) to visit. I’m not quite sure what NEMO stands for but it has nothing to do with the fish. It’s located in Oosterdok, which is a little further out from the city center. But it is near the Central Station, so you shouldn’t have any problem with getting there via public transportation.

NEMO Science Center 12

NEMO Science Center 19
Bridge to NEMO
NEMO Science Center 48
Heat detection exhibit

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – (FREE!) – I know what you’re thinking. What kind of a nerd goes to a library during vacation? But it’s actually pretty impressive. The Central Library is one of Europe’s largest libraries at 28,000 square metres spread over 10 levels. Located near NEMO, you can definitely kill two birds with one stone when visiting this neighborhood.

Bibliotheek 1
One of Europe’s largest libraries

Bibliotheek 5

Canal Cruise – (€10) – prices will vary but you can hop on an hour-long cruise for just 10 euros. It’s super touristy but I hate to break it to you…you’re a tourist. It’s a nice way to see the city without having to walk everywhere.

Canal Cruise 29.JPG

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